Malala day and Jan Eliasson

This quote.

“My message to this meeting today is basic and simple. When we on a large scale help women and girls to reclaim their lives, we and they can and will change the world.”



Moving posts..old one about 1Q84

Just finished reading it. A long thick rich book divided into three books. I think reading it so quickly did not do it justice. Each chapter should be reread and analyzed, it contains small treasures.

Some parts were better than others, I think it was a bit too directly unnecessarily sexual sometimes. But otherwise it was just cryptic enough to be intriguing , understood and interesting. It was mysterious and enriched by the beautiful kind of romance in a world where everything is possible. Reality is constantly changing. I love that the book puts life into perspective, life can be surreal sometimes. There are too many things that can’t be understood. One of my favorite citations from the book is:

“If you can’t understand it without explanation you can’t understand it with an explanation”

Not everything is supposed to be explained, if you find that you have understood something, sometimes you need to accept that you will never be able to explain it to anyone. It is your life and your perspective. You can’t expect anyone to understand you the way you understand yourself.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys deeper literature combined with a storyline.