I’m sorry Stockholm, mais Paris, je t’aime!

A few weeks have passed now and I have so much yet so little to tell… anyway you wiiilll get your updates, in fragmented pieces when I can!

The second week-end I ended up in Brussels and hung out with my mom some more, aunts and cousins! I even managed to meet one of my Swedish friends doing an Erasmus there atm! Below are some pics of lots of some family love, a new visit needs to be scheduled soon:




When I came back to Paris, the first thing we did was go to Montemartre and we ended up in a chocolate museum!!


This one made me think of youuu Adriana!!!


On top of a mountain in Montemartre is the church Sacre coeur and a magnificent view:


Unfortunately it the weather was throwing a fit but being there was very pleasant. Everything sounds so deep in french: Sacre coeur means sacred heart, a beautiful name for a church really 🙂


Later that weekend I got a french geography lesson at a bar…can anyone guess the cities? 😛


Our very first dinner together below: To all my friends who thought I’d be lousy in the kitchen I must saay Em, MC and I make quite the cooking team! This was the first of a few very successful dishes!


MC made me taste the best drink in the world PISCO SOUR! If you haven’t tried it, you are missing out :O


And there you have us, the three musketeers, the only new Erasmus students in my school this term, and the most awesome people you’ll have the chance to meet in Paris in a Wefie, wefie is the new thing you know, #selfie is soo last year.


À demain tous!



The society shades

I remember when I was 15 in my first year of Kungsholmen’s Gymnasium Ms Ingulfson subbed for our social sciences teacher once. The class became an interactive session where everyone got to say what they thought about something. Every time someone said something she would write a tick on the board, later she said, she would describe why she did that.

At the end of the class she showed us; the upper ticks were the boys speaking and the lower ticks were the girls, and it turned out that in our class, for every ten guys that said something, a girl said something.  Why do you think it’s like that? she asked.

It was like woaah! Mind blowing. This shit was real. Also I was so confused.

She went on explaining how the school system was created without consideration of the different maturity levels between boys and girls while growing up, how society’s view of what being a girl means affects our behavior (a girl is for example supposed to be a “good girl” and sit calmly waiting for her turn to speak), and why it was important to be aware of the society structures in our lives.

That year I was also blessed with Dr Drake as my English teacher who taught us how to analyze every single piece of literature from different perspectives, including a feminist one. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t know what misogyny was and it was important to have someone actually point out how even our buildings were shaped like giant phalluses.

We live in a patriarchal society and I guess before realizing that, I was walking around with imaginary society shades. Thinking everything was fine, thinking that everyone had equal opportunities and that it was normal for men to generally be favored for for example leadership positions. Now I’d never be able to put those glasses back on. Life just wasn’t the same anymore, gradually I started criticizing all the norms, and actively work to break free from them. We all have a long way to go for equality but I have found a place to share my thoughts, learn more (shout out SSU!) and make some real change for at least a few young people’s lives for now. But everyone does not get a chance to learn about this until it’s very late.

Some people might say that this is not that important there are other things to teach. But if you go through your entire “adolescent” life not understanding or even noticing the inequalities, how can you then work for equality when you are older? That is why I think it is so important to include this kind of statistics and gender related studies in our curriculum. Everyone deserves to know why they should easily be able to call themselves feminists without thinking there is some negative connotation that comes with. On the contrary, all it means is that you see the unfair structures of society and take an active stand to change them.

This french movie shows what it would be like if roles in society were a bit reversed. (Thankyou Saif)

I don’t really like the part about Hijab as a know that many people view the Hijab as something spiritual, personal and liberating and that perspective is lacking in this film. Nonetheless it is a powerful piece of a movie.

First weekend check!

The first morning alone that Saturday was not that lonely at all, I went for a stroll to the main building and bought coffee. This is the backside of the Maison Internationale, looking at all the people spontaneously playing soccer made me wish I was more athletic 😛 But I settled for watching them and later taking my cup of coffee to go.


I decided to plan a trip to Belgium so that evening Em & I met up in Bercy to buy a bus ticket…The ticket place was closed but we ended up visiting a cozy restaurant alley nearby. So pretty, the way the restaurants were stacked next to each other reminded me of Tripoli in Lebanon.



We grabbed a few drinks in an underground club at st Michel’s, it was quite early but people were already drunk and partying there. The weirdest drink was very popular there, served in a baby bottle…at first Emelie and I thought it was some roleplay fetisch when we saw a couple drinking…then we noticed almost every other girl was holding a drink like that? Maybe it’s a Paris thing…Beats me…


Saturday night we ended up having dinner after partying. Here you see Me, the magic hat, and Emelie in the restaurant, ready to eat our Moules.



Sunday morning I found my ass on a bus toward Brussels, more about that trip later 😀




Ah Paris

Bonjour tous!

Last Wednesday I arrived to my favourite city so far. My mom came with me to make sure I lived in a safe neighbourhood, she said it would make her sleep better at night haha. She was pretty satisfied with the place, made a list of what I needed, planned a trip to IKEA, complained to the landlord about things that were broken (and got them replaced), helped me unpack and clean the place too. She kept going non-stop except for some sleep, I was so tired and she just kept finding things to do, bless my supermom! We met up with my friend Emelie withwhom I am currently making Cité Universitaire unsafe with:


I bought  and assembled my first IKEA furniture, I felt like a real grown up haha


This is how it turned out, the whole thing fell apart though because I had done it all wrong 😛


I did it again and this time it was more stable.


My room became much more cosy after the trip to IKEA. I guess maison du Portugal know red is my colour, thats an ongoing theme in my room 😉


I live at Cité Universitaire, a huge area for many students, every country is represented by a building so it’s a tiny world in there. This is the main international entrance and the place is quite beautiful if I may say so myself!


It didn’t take long ’til my crêpe cravings got to me! NUTELLAAA

Since my first crêpe I have had at least one everyday…pain au chocolat has been my breakfast every other day. This is the country of Crêpes, Creme Brulée, Chocolat Mouse, Salade de Fruit, I get a foodgasm every time I look at any menu!


Whats the best thing about Paris so far you ask me? Wellllll THE FOOD DUUH! On my plate we have some boeuf tartare (Raw minced meat with some dressing) I think? and Ho-Man ordered des Moules Frites (Musslor med Pommes) YUMM!


Of course great food needs great company, here is our gang from my old French class at KTH, we all made it to Paris this term, how awesome is that??


Goodbye Stockholm Dinner

Even though it was not really a goodbye, it was more like a see you soon. I was touched and genuinely moved by all you great people that came to see me off yesterday. I am going to miss everyone so much. If I accidentally forget why I love Stockholm, it’s definitely these people who’ll remind me! Thank you all for a lovely evening!

A special shoutout goes to:

Nadz Jazzar, for some reason we aren’t meant to stay in the same place for too long haha! Bestie Angie who I forced to sit next to me and she ended up by an empty chair because I was moving around all night. Jules who has been encouraging and an inspiration since kinder-garden. And lastly Hudis Godis because she wasn’t able to be with us, she was busy being on a train following her engineering dream career in Norway! Good Luck giirl!

We had Crêperie La Petite Bretagne in Rådmansgatan for ourselves for dinner and afterwards we went to Scandic Anglais for some casual drinks where more friends joined. Click continue reading for a photostream.

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