A series freak, food-lover, book nerd, and an engineering student. I’m trying to learn french, finish a masters degree and kinda change the world at the same time!

Too lazy to regularly work out but I keep trying.

So! Some things have changed here, I am no longer a series freak as I never have time or guts to watch any series other than 20 minute feel good comedy series like “The Mindy Project”.

Still a foodie, a book nerd and looking for ways to change the world in the ways I can.

I got pretty good at French in the end but to keep the language alive I am still practicing with my French friends. I also love Spanish and Portuguese which will be the next languages to learn.

Nowadays I work in strategy within the energy sector so I am still a geek. At work I am running an innovation network and Innovation competition for our company in Sweden which leads me to my new found passion the past two years “Innovation!”. I am also a selfproclaimed workshop expert.

I regularly work out. I found yoga, salsa and bachata which I love, the occasional swim get’s squeezed in as well.

I still love my friends and family and all that stuff…

Also I’m cheesy.


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