FaceTime collage

When you miss your loved ones, there is nothing like a little FaceTime time to make your day 😉

Some catchin’ up with les twins ❤


Beautiful sister Nadine




Best high school friends!!! ❤


My cat. She was very excited to see me….


Haha sisters AGAIN


S S U!!!! Best people ever, working their asses off for election year as we speak! All kärlek till er!


Parents! ❤


Hampi finally remembered to give me a call…… where is your shirt dude?


And the one and only Nads, Naddoun, Jazzy Jazzar <3<3<3<3

Distance is a hair flip, it’s whatever ^^ Love you ALL and miss you!!


Never forget.

Hats off for this campaign, created by the one and only SSU!

Never forget. To vote. It has already been acknowledged in Sweden, Greece, Italy, and now France‘s media has picked up on it too!


For equality, against far right extremists and racism, always!




Hey guys!

I’ve been slow with the posts lately, I know. There has been a lot going on but that does not mean that one should not find time to write and show the things passing by. This post however, is about the near future.

I do not even know where to start without skipping major details but to keep it short I will just write about one important thing:

EU elections have opened in Sweden! Being in another country during the election campaign and feeling distant from everything back at home is not fun. Some people even forget there is an election going on, and since we are here and not there, voting becomes a bit more complicated, like a small project. But actually, if you’re in Paris, it’s not harder than going to the embassy during the hours assigned for voting. On Wednesday afternoon we are a group of Swedes getting our asses over there making a trip out of it, because every vote counts and every vote is crucial!

For me it has never been more important to vote, it is my firm belief that everyone has to take advantage of their democratic right to make their voice heard. Your Sweden is my Sweden too and I am going to make sure to lessen the percentage and influence of the extreme right-wing party “Swedish Democrats” in EU by taking responsibility and taking a stand. We should all show our stand against racism and vote for a party who share our views and values to be justly represented. What is the point of a democracy in our civilization if it isn’t legitimate?

I have found the party who share my stands and values, have you?

If you haven’t, then find a browser, use google, ask people, get involved, make a choice, take a stand. Don’t make it more complicated than it is. gogogo!!