Fear (old post)

What if I look back at this, all this. Hard work. And feel like I missed out. Like what was I doing?


Make conscious choices, at least try. I try being aware of choices, consequences and make sure they are worthwhile. That is important. I am important. I do important thing. Haha like Riti wrote to me on Facebook that day when I took the happy pic.


This was last semester, and sometimes I like looking back at what I set up to do, and find pride and happiness in having accomplished and followed through on some of what’s on that list.


Women against Feminism

I was thinking this morning about women who are against feminism and feminists. It’s unbelievably stupid. I can have certain patience with women and people not wanting to call themselves feminists for various reasons. But being actively against the concept and justifying not needing feminism because, and I QUOTE “I am a strong and independent woman” Well hun. That’s like being a train and being against railroads and wanting to break them down because I am a strong train, or like being chocolate but wanting to destroy all cocoa bean crops. Let me explain.

Because of generations of feminists and thanks to them. We women have much more rights today than they could have ever dreamt of. But mind you it did not come easy. No body gives you your rights, you have to actively seek them. Feminists fight for equal rights and there is a lack of respect in not acknowledging this. Would you be this strong and independent if it weren’t for feminists? Will the world become more equal without feminists? I think not. So even if you do not want to label yourself. Respect the women (and men) that came before you and the feminists that are working for your future, actively making sure you have the rights you so easily proclaim. You should never take anything for granted is my message to you!