Meaningful times

Every Wednesday lunch or afternoon we meet up, when it is during the afternoon it is 17-19 and I just got out of one of those sessions. So much energy and so much love in this innovation network. We are almost midway! And wow we feel like it is such an impact. Just our network’s journey by itself is one thing, we are almost 20 people now, and then the competition we’ve started where we managed to include all of Sweden from various remote locations to come up with ideas they are passionate about is just amazing, we got 125 ideas! We want to be more active in the startup scene in Stockholm as well but honestly it has been a while since we’ve had time to attend one of those events. We will try to make that a natural part of our network…maybe our next meeting could be in a cocreating space?

On Friday I will give a recap workshop to the semifinalists on developing their idea with customer feedback and we have a team planning the pitch training, semi final and final…tuntuntuun our grande finally. But this is just a part of my work that I have made a part of my work.. I work with Business Intelligence so now I am writing an article on blockchain for our department and a few more topics, so ask me about blockchain if you want, people say it is the new Internet or the black swan of our time :O

Tomorrow it is one of our team member’s birthday, he is abroad and coming back tomorrow (on his birthday!) So some of us are going to the airport to surprise him…shhh don’t tell….


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