An idea jotted down

This is something I jotted down in my notebook while at a seminar at Google’s meeting place last week or two weeks ago. I was there to support a colleague presenting something about our work in digital customer channels, to learn, to be inspired…and to see Google’s meeting room (of course). Since I work a lot with keeping my company innovative and keeping the innovation network alive, I had managed to get us a spot in this.

Anyway..they had nice notebooks and pens as give aways and somewhere around the beginning I got kind of inspired by the setting and thinking about the possibilities of AI, robots, etc and wrote: “in the future, life will be very easy & cool, and you can focus on life reflection, deeper understanding of universe, spending time with the right people, taking care of children, animals, each other and exploring everything. ”

I continue writing “Would it be possible? would we appreciate those parts of life if they were so readily available and accessible for us? But if we remove all the clutter, what is then left? ”

and then I zone back in to the presentation being held, hear and jot down” Lika viktigt som det är att inkludera data är det viktigt att exkludera data”, “It is as important to include data as it is to exclude data” yup, it makes sense to remove the clutter.

Life lessons @Google #probablynotwhatthepresentermeant #quotetakenoutofcontext

This was jotted down in a 5 minute mental pause, I assure you, the rest of the seminar I was listening and taking superrelevant notes the whole time. xD





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