Free Taxi in Paris! Or at least 20 euros free!

I thought about creating a life-hack post about surviving in Paris..and the first one is how to get a free taxi in Paris! It’s probably temporary, but right now, you can download this APP on your phone. It’s called UBER and all you have to do is use a promotion code:

  • Download it
  • Create an account (here it is required to add your email, phonenumber and bankcard number too but it won’t be debited don’t worry)
  • And use v3o91 as a promotion code to get your account loaded with 20 Euros

This is an awesome way to get a free taxi home from a party in Paris…the taximeter is not that much higher than normal using this application and since 20 euros gets you quite far in Paris it hasn’t been a problem at all ^^

So easy and nice!

A student life hack in Paris, you’re welcome! (And thank you “Cocotte Min(e)’ute” for the awesome tip!


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