Sooo I need to learn French

Like now now now! Why is it so hard? It feels like I improved a lot in the beginning but now I’m just standing still, and at an inadequate level if I may say so myself! I need to get better at French and I need to get better faaast because I’m having trouble keeping up with the exercises and having casual conversations is extremely tiring…like my head hurts and I’m tired all the time from searching for words and trying to understand what’s going on. I am going to start trying to read french newspapers in my school and practice more…watch french movies and like I don’t knooow do french things!!!

That is if I don’t follow through on the April fools day joke I posted on Facebook about being sick of France and going back home….some of my sweet friends believed it and were super confused! hahaha I was like helloooo do you even read my blog? I guess you don’t but that’s okaaay, it ain’t no thiing, it’s a hairflip ( Holla Nadine, at least you read it!)! My point is that France is good,  so far I love every corner of it, and I can’t wait until Easter vac to start planning trips all over this country ^^

This week is extra good because during campaign week my school is awesome with free food (A.k.a crêpes and gauffres) all the time and parties every night. Tonight I’m staying in though, cause I’m tired from doing marathon sightseeing all weekend and having been out a few nights in a row ( I’m getting old, I know, I’ve been looking forward getting home to watch my quiet and funny series for a few weeks now)


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