HFF (Hugging friends forever)

Hahaha one of my best friends Riti sent me this link and I laughed my ass off….it’s funny cause it’s true. In Paris you say hi by kissing twice on the cheek, right cheek first. That took some time getting used to, what I wasn’t prepared for though, was the depression that followed a few weeks later…”why doesn’t anyone hug here damn it?” I asked Emelie, and we decided that people in the north aren’t as cold as they seem! I miss my HFF’s haha (hugging friends forever) and the times I’ve accidentally tried hugging people here are countless….you think Swedish people panic when u go for a kiss? Well you haven’t seen a confused French person blushing and avoiding eye contact because you did something completely inappropriate! Luckily I’m always sneaking in hugs just before I leave so I can easily escape the awkward scene haha! Anyway, hugs are good for the soul, in my opinion people should hug some more!


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