Nuclear physics, CAF and interviews

Yesterday I had two early classes in nuclear physics, a supercool course I’m taking this term. The course proves to me that the international language of engineering is simply just Chinese 😛 so it’s a piece of cake, I’m not worried, future Amira will take care of it 😉

Since we ended early I decided to get all the CAF papers in order, CAF is the states aid for housing costs which are way too expensive for students in Paris..unfortunately all this paperwork has taken time. Emelie and I figured out how to do it a bit late and the aid is not retroactive. Anyone who is moving to Paris should do this much earlier! You can ask me for more advice!

On our way to the post office a couple of journalists grabbed Emelie and I, so I guess we’re featured in a student paper soon talking about our expectations, our favorite things, our least favorite things, and how much we miss “Swedish” Tikka Masala and Tacos in Paris haha 😀

On the schedule yesterday was also eating Chinese, doing laundry, yoga and the usual casual soirée.. Laundry and yoga was postponed (until today maybe?:P) but all in all it was a pretty productive day!!



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