À tout Paris!

It feels a bit weird to be going home for one weekend. A part of me wishes I didn’t have to, having gotten used to everything here and all! The other part however is craazy excited!!!! Because the tickets are booked, duty calls, and the coming two days are going to be like nothing I’ve ever done before!

This yearly youth congress is one that I look forward to every year because of all the debates, meeting people and awesome dinner party afterwards. After this congress I would find myself filled with new energy, friends, and knowledge, ready to go back to my municipality and DO so much 😀 The most beautiful thing is seeing new members experience that for the first time!!

Tomorrow I will for the first time be there, not as a representative of my municipality, but a representative of the board and whole district. I am so honoured, excited, and nervous I might die! haha

We should have a game going on for how many times this following kind of sentence is gonna be repeated this congress!! TAGGA TAGGA DÅK and TAGGA TAGGA SUPERVALÅÅÅR!!!!

So sorry Paris you need to step aside for a while because Elections-year in Sweden, here we come!!!

Á Lundii!


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