The food post!

Wooh! I know what you’re thinking: Finaalllyyyyyy! Haha okay maybe not, often I get too excited about food but here it goes!! The first all food and desserts post. It is a surprise to no one that France is a food-lovers paradise. Sometimes things even look too beautiful to eat. Enjoy!

PS: Warning for foodgasms!

A small bakery with beautiful pieces:



Fresh salaaads:


At a café I found the most beautiful rose cake in the world!


Excuse me? Did I die and end up in cake factory heaven?



In the supermarket, Milka had a thing or two up their sleeve (yummm):


I often make omelets, mostly for breakfast but sometimes it’s the easiest dinner in the world, and I love it! ^^


When out eating, I had to try Ratatouille!!


In the Portuguese house I got to taste this sweet thing! I can’t remember what it’s called but it was a new experience indeed!!


And finaally I’m topping this blog post off with one of my crêpes pics! You know there’s more where that came from!! 😛



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