One Month Anniversary

The 5th of March was my one month anniversary here in Maison Du Portugal, Paris. I spent it sick in my tiny room but that’s not really the point haha..

My point is that a month ago this was so far away, I had no idea what to expect and I was scared to death of living alone in a huge city like this and starting in a french school.

The thing is that in a relatively short time, I am surprised at how casual life is here, from MC knocking on my door at 8.10 AM to check I was alive, Fab coming up later with some real coffee, sitting in the study room with Caro, working on a KTH deadline head to head with my Swedish other half here Em, to finally eating dinner at the CitéU RestoU with all the above + Elie.

I’ve run into a couple of great people here. Needless to say, Paris wouldn’t be cool without you!

Also during this month, I finally started school two weeks ago! And already I find that there are some things that Sweden could learn from Paris about the University life, for example:

  • Did you know that Sports is a class here? (I’ve joined a Volleyball team woopwoop)!
  • Food is subsidized in special student restaurants (making life a bit easier and cheaper for us).
  • Also, students are practically obliged to take a language class. My English course has an “Art from around the world” theme, and in French class we read current articles. These two courses are different and broaden our perspectives of life, giving us time for meaningful discussions.

Like, why isn’t it like this in my engineering school??

Not to mention how every single corner in Paris is special with cool architecture and thoughtful scenery. Maybe that’s something you notice more when you are new to a city though, I bet there are lots of treasures I’ve completely missed in Stockholm simply because I wasn’t looking for it.

I present to youuu: The École Des Mines Volleyball Girl Team with the coach far left and team captain Maeva in the middle



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