I’m sorry Stockholm, mais Paris, je t’aime!

A few weeks have passed now and I have so much yet so little to tell… anyway you wiiilll get your updates, in fragmented pieces when I can!

The second week-end I ended up in Brussels and hung out with my mom some more, aunts and cousins! I even managed to meet one of my Swedish friends doing an Erasmus there atm! Below are some pics of lots of some family love, a new visit needs to be scheduled soon:




When I came back to Paris, the first thing we did was go to Montemartre and we ended up in a chocolate museum!!


This one made me think of youuu Adriana!!!


On top of a mountain in Montemartre is the church Sacre coeur and a magnificent view:


Unfortunately it the weather was throwing a fit but being there was very pleasant. Everything sounds so deep in french: Sacre coeur means sacred heart, a beautiful name for a church really 🙂


Later that weekend I got a french geography lesson at a bar…can anyone guess the cities? 😛


Our very first dinner together below: To all my friends who thought I’d be lousy in the kitchen I must saay Em, MC and I make quite the cooking team! This was the first of a few very successful dishes!


MC made me taste the best drink in the world PISCO SOUR! If you haven’t tried it, you are missing out :O


And there you have us, the three musketeers, the only new Erasmus students in my school this term, and the most awesome people you’ll have the chance to meet in Paris in a Wefie, wefie is the new thing you know, #selfie is soo last year.


À demain tous!



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