First weekend check!

The first morning alone that Saturday was not that lonely at all, I went for a stroll to the main building and bought coffee. This is the backside of the Maison Internationale, looking at all the people spontaneously playing soccer made me wish I was more athletic 😛 But I settled for watching them and later taking my cup of coffee to go.


I decided to plan a trip to Belgium so that evening Em & I met up in Bercy to buy a bus ticket…The ticket place was closed but we ended up visiting a cozy restaurant alley nearby. So pretty, the way the restaurants were stacked next to each other reminded me of Tripoli in Lebanon.



We grabbed a few drinks in an underground club at st Michel’s, it was quite early but people were already drunk and partying there. The weirdest drink was very popular there, served in a baby bottle…at first Emelie and I thought it was some roleplay fetisch when we saw a couple drinking…then we noticed almost every other girl was holding a drink like that? Maybe it’s a Paris thing…Beats me…


Saturday night we ended up having dinner after partying. Here you see Me, the magic hat, and Emelie in the restaurant, ready to eat our Moules.



Sunday morning I found my ass on a bus toward Brussels, more about that trip later 😀





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