Ah Paris

Bonjour tous!

Last Wednesday I arrived to my favourite city so far. My mom came with me to make sure I lived in a safe neighbourhood, she said it would make her sleep better at night haha. She was pretty satisfied with the place, made a list of what I needed, planned a trip to IKEA, complained to the landlord about things that were broken (and got them replaced), helped me unpack and clean the place too. She kept going non-stop except for some sleep, I was so tired and she just kept finding things to do, bless my supermom! We met up with my friend Emelie withwhom I am currently making Cité Universitaire unsafe with:


I bought  and assembled my first IKEA furniture, I felt like a real grown up haha


This is how it turned out, the whole thing fell apart though because I had done it all wrong 😛


I did it again and this time it was more stable.


My room became much more cosy after the trip to IKEA. I guess maison du Portugal know red is my colour, thats an ongoing theme in my room 😉


I live at Cité Universitaire, a huge area for many students, every country is represented by a building so it’s a tiny world in there. This is the main international entrance and the place is quite beautiful if I may say so myself!


It didn’t take long ’til my crêpe cravings got to me! NUTELLAAA

Since my first crêpe I have had at least one everyday…pain au chocolat has been my breakfast every other day. This is the country of Crêpes, Creme Brulée, Chocolat Mouse, Salade de Fruit, I get a foodgasm every time I look at any menu!


Whats the best thing about Paris so far you ask me? Wellllll THE FOOD DUUH! On my plate we have some boeuf tartare (Raw minced meat with some dressing) I think? and Ho-Man ordered des Moules Frites (Musslor med Pommes) YUMM!


Of course great food needs great company, here is our gang from my old French class at KTH, we all made it to Paris this term, how awesome is that??



2 thoughts on “Ah Paris

  1. Asså…FY FAN VAD VACKERT OMRÅDE DU BOR I! ( Die bitch ❤ )

    Och ditt rum var ju både fint och fräscht. Slår mitt studentboende med kackerlackor i Nashville…

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